Just a quick note about the Recalculating SEO Scores tool in the Yoast SEO plugin 3.0.6.

We tried running this as part of an larger upgrade in our staging service but it hung so we needed to kill it. Working on the assumption that the hang was due to a quirk with the our web hosts staging system (there are some!) we were not concerned and even if it wasn’t we didn’t see it as an issue to worry about.

Once we upgraded the live system to Yoast SEO 3.0.6 we again initiated the “Recalculate SEO scores” function from the Yoast Tools tab. Once again it hung.

The site we upgraded is a simple one and we’ve only really used Yoast SEO to set up meta descriptions and page titles. Looking at the pages and posts it was immediately apparent that we had no Focus Keywords set. We added a few, reran the “Recalculate SEO scores” and it successfully worked.

It would be nice if the Yoast tool had originally simply said that it found no Focus Keywords so there were no SEO scores to recalculate instead of just hanging. Especially given it ‘told’ us to run it in the first place.