Since installing the Elegance Theme from Storefront Themes on client sites the vistor statistics records show unusual URL’s being recorded.

We use the Visitor Maps and Who’s Online plugin to provide basic site visitor stats on a customers USANA Canada and USANA NZ health product sites. Both sites use the Elegance 1.4.5 theme on top of WP e-Commerce plugin. The Canadian site has only ever been using Elegance while the NZ site was migrated to Elegance from Thesis a few days ago.

On looking at the visitor stats for both sites the field “Last URL” nearly always shows the URL /wp-content/themes/storefront-elegance-1.4.5/styles/default.css. On other sites we’ve built without the Elegance theme and on the New Zealand site prior to its migration to Elegance the “Last URL” field contains proper site URL’s, not the style sheet file being reported.

The following screen capture shows what our Vistor Stats look like with Elegance installed.

View Visitor Stats With Elegance Theme Installed

How Visitor Stats display with the Elegance Theme installed.

We are assuming that for now that this is an interaction issue with the Elegance Theme so will raise this with Storefront Themes support and post their response here when available.

Update: 14 Oct 2012.
I’ve been very remiss in posting the response that Elegance support gave to the query I raised on the issue detailed. They came back quickly (unlike my update here!) with the following suggestion to circumvent the problem.

“Try making the folder ‘styles’ and adding a CSS file ‘default.css’ to it. make sure it has a comment in it as Opera does not like completely empty CSS files. Just something like
/*deliberately empty css file*/”

They have subsequently advised that this issue will be addressed in the forthcoming update of the Elegance theme so thats good news. I have to say that the support team for Elegance (Mark and Matt) are excellent and can highly recommend the theme to other users of the WP e-Commerce plugin. Not only do they handle support queries promptly they also will help users extend/customise the theme. I’ve also seen in the support forum where they will answer a support request and then also offer advice on how to correct another issue unrelated to the theme. It’s very nice to see such a professional level of support being provided.

Update: 6 Nov 2013.
It appears that the level of support provided by the Elegance support team has diminished since our last update to this post in Oct 2012.

In the Elegance support forum there are many support requests that do not appear to be responded to in a timely manner. One person we work directly with is intending to move off Elegance due to a lack of support and similar comments appear in the support forum. We therefore can not recommend this theme to our site visitors and have removed our Affiliate links for the Theme from this site.