Problem: SEO Smart Links Corrupts HTML.

There appears to be a problem when using SEO Smart Links and WP eCommerce together where the H3 class statement formating the product names becomes corrupted on the Products Page. Instead of the class being defined as class=”product-name” with SEO Smart Lnks installed it becomes class=”\"product-name\"”. I tested the three themes below and the corruption appears in all of them.

WordPress Version: 3.3.1
SEO Smart Links Version: 1.1.7 (
WP eCommerce Version: (
Theme: Mazine 1.5.0 (
Theme: Storefront Elegance 1.4.5 (
Theme: Twenty Ten 1.4 (

Depending on the theme in use this corruption can cause the product names to appear styled incorrectly for the theme style. In Mazine for example it causes the product names to be displayed in large font and all in upper case. The problem does not appear on product category pages or on individual product pages.

The following screen shot shows the effect of this problem while using the Mazine theme. The product on the left has had its HTML edited using Firebug to restore the correct formating while the product on the right has been left as is showing the impact of SEO Smart Links on the product name.

SEO Smart Links Corrupts HTML

SEO Smart Links Corrupts HTML

Adding your WP eCommerce products page (usually “products-page”) to the Ignore Posts and Pages setting in SEO Smart Links circumvents this problem.

We will query this issue with the SEO Smart Links developer and update the post with their reply when available.