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WPEC Transaction Results Layout

When using WPEC the Transaction Results Page is built from three different parts of WPEC – two from with-in WPEC configuration settings and one from WPEC code.

The following screen capture shows the three areas of the tranasaction results page and where the content for those areas is sourced from.

WPEC Transaction Results Layout

WPEC Transaction Results Layout

Having used WPEC on a number of sites I find that the way the layout of the transaction results is built to lack flexibility.

Issue 1: As the top section of the transaction results layout is hard coded in a php program it’s always present and its content is fixed. Given this content could simply be supplied by the user in either the gateway settings under the Payments tab or in the purchase receipt settings under the Admin tab I fail to see what possible use it serves and why the authors of WPEC would bother setting it up. It also tells the customer they will be receiving an email once the order clears but orders don’t clear, payments clear. It also assumes we will be emailing our customer at that time but that might not necessarily be the case.

Issue 2: The bottom section of the transaction results page is also somewhat of an issue because the content is set once and it then applies to all the payment gateways. It would be very useful if each payment gateway could have its own purchase receipt content. How would this be helpful? One example would be: a number of WPEC users (myself included) have wanted to use WPEC to allow users to request quotes for some products. Having unqiue settings would allow a ‘quote’ payment gateway to be setup which does nothing but send the site admin and customer an email.

Issue 3: Another issue I’ve run into is that sometimes you want the content to only be displayed on the WPEC transaction results page but presently the content is displayed on that page and also emailed to the customer.

These are pretty straight forward changes (especially the first one) so hopefully the WPEC team will look into implementing them in a future release.