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WPEC Email subject not unique

There’s nothing I like more than getting a notification of a new sale from one of my WP e-Commerce (WPEC) sites. One thing that really bugs me however is why? why? why? can’t they add the sale ID number to the subject of the emails they send out to the site administrator and the customer. Surely thats a very simple change.

My email filing for WPEC purchase reports looks like this…

Purchase Report
Purchase Report
Purchase Report
Purchase Report
(not very helpful if your looking for order 101 is it?)

In my opinion it would be more sensible if it showed in my email as..

Purchase Report 100
Purchase Report 101
Purchase Report 102
Purchase Report 103

It seems pretty basic to me that you’d do this automatically – without really needing to think about it. Well a sys admin would. Having worked in IT for many years if someone in the support team did this they’d certainly be sent off to fix it. Who knows, maybe its a mindset difference between sys admins and apps developers.

It’s easy to understand or accept why a major change can’t be made but its the small things that could be changed but aren’t that drive people nuts 🙂